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Salesmen are widely considered to be the best at persuading folks to purchase products. If you pay attention to their techniques, you can learn a lot about human nature and how to influence other people. In fact, one technique is so effective it could become your secret weapon to increasing your chances of setting up dates withattractive women.

Let me explain…

This tactic, often called “assuming the sale” is usually done by a salesman towards the end of a conversation. He won’t ask if the person is interested in purchasing it. Instead, the he will ask the customer what type of product he or she will be purchasing.

Done in a subtle way, he assumes the person will buy an item and never gives you a chance to say no.

Here’s an example of how it would work:

Say you’re browsing and looking to buy brand new lap top, a salesman would assume the sale by asking if you want it in silver or black. At no point does he ask if you want the laptop. Instead he asks you what type of latop you’re going to purchase.

Assuming the sale is an incredible way for people to increase their sales and bottom line. It works incredibly well, because the prospect is never given an opportunity to reject the salesman.

Now you can easily implement this tactic when you’re talking to a woman. Instead of “assuming the sale”, you’re “assuming the date”.

Let’s get down to business…after approaching and talking to a woman for a while, you’ll get an idea if she’s interested in you. If you determine she’s into you, then you should implement the “assuming the date” technique.

All you have to do is say something like this: 

”I really enjoyed talking to you. We should go out sometime. Which is a better day, Wednesday or Thursday?”

Now this part is important…

Once you ask this question, lock eyes with her and wait for a response. Don’t say anything until she does. It’s kind of like a standoff, where the first person to speak loses. 

If you’ve read her signals right, then she’ll respond with one of the selections you gave her.

After she agrees to a date, tell her you’ll call her in a few days and get her number. 

I like this technique because in a few minutes you can go from meeting a woman to setting up a date and getting her number. All of this is done without resorting to asking permission to call her.

It’s also a great tactic because you’re able to show confidence while avoiding the possibility of rejection!

walk away from the conversation with a new set of digits and a hot night already planned!



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