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A Recipe For Success, or Disaster?


I’ve been doing a study lately of so-called “intuition experts.” I’ve been curious to see what else is out there, and to see how they present themselves and their work. What I’m finding is that 9 out of 10 “experts” claim to have been born with an amazing sense of intuition, or have been “clairvoyant” since they were small children. Stories abound about seeing angels, talking with spirits, and watching clouds of colors swirl around people. Those kinds of stories are fun to read. But in my mind, useless. 

Why? Because if they’ve been intuitively-gifted their entire lives, how much good is that going to do me?

What do they know about my struggles, doubts, and my learning process? Sure, they can tell me what it’s like to see firecrackers of light pop off someone’s head. But big whoopee, y’know? That’s like having someone in acandy store lean out the window and tell you how good the chocolate tastes. But you don’t care what they think – you want to eat the chocolate for yourself, yes? It’s important to having inside knowledge, of course. If someone has never tasted chocolate, would you really trust their advice about how to make a chocolate?

It’s inside wisdom that is really crucial: the wisdom gained by going from “not having it” to “having it.” That speaks of experience, overcoming adversity, and transformation. Why this is crucial to you, If you want to learn to make chocolate, you’re better off listening to someone who has put in the time in the kitchen. If you want to learn about having a successful business, listen to someone who has struggled and succeeded, rather than someone who was just handed a successful company straight out of business school.


Many people I talk to who want to be more intuitive say, “This is great I really want to learn this. But I can’t wait ten years; I need help now.” I understand – really, I do. And here’s what I say in response: Good. Why “good”? Because if you’re motivated, you can accomplish more than you know. If you’re motivated, you’ll work at it harder at it than someone who’s just curious about it. And the old maxim on this one still stands: “It’s not quantity, it’s quality.” you don’t have to devote a decade to learning to be intuitive – if you apply yourself, you can make huge strides in a short amount of time. 

I read an interview with a famous artist once, who was talking about how he gets approached all the time by people who say, “I wish I had your talent.” His response? “It’s not about talent – everyone has talent. What makes an expert is discipline.” if you’re willing to practice, to bring intuition into every part of your life, you can make huge strides in less time than you think. Listening to someone who was born with ability can be inspiring. But if you want to experience a personal transformation, talk to someone who knows the challenges you face, the steps you need to take, and can share with you the inside wisdom about to get yourself into the candy store. And then, apply yourself. Work for it. Pound on that door until it opens. Unlike the “born with it” model, it’s a recipe you can use.


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