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Being Single And Solo!

Going solo is not as bad as you think. There are more reasons why being single is as good as could ever be. Looking through magazines, most articles say that we need man or woman to be happy. But look at the brighter side of flying solo; there are benefits as well. Things that you could not imagine and reasons you may not have thought about. You haven’t thought that you can do whatever you want for being single will give you the liberty to enjoy!

You don’t have to tolerate moodiness & nagging. Passing out the couch, waking up anytime you want without ever thinking of dealing with inexplicable mood swings. Calmness and serenity comes when there is no one that will nag you for the rest of the day. You will be definitely free from the annoying nagger boyfriend that you don’t even get what went wrong or what have you done wrong.

You can gain weight without worrying. Let go of the gym for a little while! You don’t need to worry about what to eat .No worries about getting a little bit fat. Enjoy eating what you have deprived yourself before, but do not go so far that you will find it hard to trim down in the future. Especially when you go hunting for a next date.

Appreciate your independence. It is great to have a lot of free time to yourself, for solitary fun and self-improvement. It will also be a great time for you to do things for your own good like cooking your food, buying your own basic needs and other stuffs, do laundry and clean up the house and so much more.

Doing a lot of things will make you more skillful, well rounded and complete. You can now control your finances. It gives you full financial freedom and never have to worry about buying presents and paying for dinner dates even though you do it once in a while. Remember your English teacher and the best phrase to work with “a penny saved is a penny gained” Be the master of every single dime you spend. More time for other activities. There is no reason to sit around and do nothing.

You and your ex were always together and not to mention the annoying kinda boy friends that restrict you from going or hanging out in some places or people. Need I say more? Time to go out and explore! No one will stop you. No need to deal with another’s personal habits. What pisses you off the most is the disgusting habit that your partner has. When you are single there will be no bad habits to tolerate, giving your patience a well-deserved break.

You can live peacefully without thinking about the other but only yourself. You can now be spontaneous. Break off from the number of routine. Do something different in your life. Focus on your career. Keep the many elements aloft. Devote yourself into work, and impress your boss. You don’t need to compromise in a relationship. And be the boss of your life.

Flirt as you please. No Argus eyes will try to pry on you, and you can talk to anybody you want, whenever you want. The freedom is yours to hunt and be hunted. Be the master of seduction. Savor every freedom that you have.

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