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EYE YOGA-care for your eyes 10 ways







Transitions – healthy sight coach – fitness programmes to exercise your eyes.


1 watch your weight-  the risk of developing cataratcs  also doubles when you’re overweight.

2 Look beyond carrots- antioxidants are key players for optimum eye health..dark coloured fruits and vegetables are the key

3 . DO EYE YOGA-Transitions – healthy sight coach – fitness programmes to exercise your eyes.

4.PRACTISE GOOD HYGIENE- throw out old eye drops and mascara that has been open for more than 3 months so as to keep infection away.

5. STOP SMOKING-  increasing your rate of developing cataracts

6.WEAR SUNGLASSES-. don’t expose your eyes to more UV if unnecessary.

7. `SCREEN- SAVE YOUR SIGHT..try not to prolong your working on computer screens, rest your eyes often by closing and letting them moisten.

8. HAVE AN EYE TEST- even if your sigh is 20/20 do a check every year,

9. SNIFF JASMINE- it triggers beta waves in the front of the brain which stimulates alertness, when your’e more awake you see things more acutely.

10. GET OFF THE COUCH -our eyes need oxygen to stay healthy, excersise can increase oxygen supplies to the optic nerve and lower pressure in the eye.



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