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Vanessa Mdee’s Dynamite Mission | the exciting journey of a prevention revolutionary



Dynamite links with CheusiDawa TV

Back in 2004 three rising stars were propelled to fame on what seemed to be the opportunity of a lifetime. They walked away the chosen three to win the coveted title – ‘Coca-Cola popstar’

Witness, Sarah and Langa formed Wakilisha (Swahili for Represent) with the help of industry greats the band made us all jam to their jawns. Fast forward to 2011, the group for reasons unknown split up – Sarah (now Shaa) and Witness both successful solo acts – What happened to Langa?

Now you may have heard speculations about Langa’s drug use or like me bumped into him wandering around one hood or another looking slightly disheveled.  Naturally, one wonders what happened to this amazingly talented young man.

The homie Fid Q is a Tanzanian Hip Hop Veteran and the host of FidStyle Friday on CheusiDawaTV.  Fiddy had Langa on one of his latest episodes of FidStyle Friday. What came out of this episode to me was nothing short of BEAUTIFUL.

See for yourself

via Vanessa Mdee’s Dynamite Mission | the exciting journey of a prevention revolutionary.


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